Research Groups

ORIC supports its researchers to expand knowledge and developing one to one connection by creating interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research groups. Following is the detail of Research Groups.

research group

ORIC supports its researchers to expand knowledge and developing one to one connection by creating interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research groups.

Following are the detail of Research Groups:

1-Faculty Of Engineering & Technology

2-Faculty Of Allied Health Sciences

3-Azra Naheed Dental College

4-Faculty Of Pharmacy

5-Faculty Of Economics And Commerce

6-School Of Art & Design

7-Faculty Of Computer Science & Information Technology

8-Department of Mass Communication

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List of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Research Groups

DepartmentThemesSubthemesGroupsMulti Disciplinary Groups
Electrical EngineeringAdvance Control SystemAdvance Control Systems1. M. Sohaib Aslam
2. Taimoor Gondal
1. Currently working on HEC-NRPU funded project Worth 7-Million with collaboration of Medical Faculty
2. Dr. Mustafa Shakir and Dr. Adnan Yousaf are working in Multidisciplinary research Groups with international collaboration in their respective groups.
Advance Heat Transfer
Advance Vibration
Applied Mathematical Methods in Engineering
Computational Fluid Mechanics
Power and ElectronicsPower Converters1. Waheed Aftab Khan
2. Manzoor Ellahi
3. Waqar Hassan
Energy Conversion Devices
Smart Grid applications
Communication System (5G)Manufacturing, Optimization1. Dr Mustafa Shakir
2. Dr Rehan
Industrial automation to enhance production
Transportation and defense
WBG materials WBG materials.1. Dr Saleem
2. Dr Saif-Ur-Rehman
Advanced Composite Materials.
High Temperature adhesive.
Fire Resistant Coatings
Smart Grid ApplicationsSmarter Grid in the 5G Era1. Dr. Adnan Yousaf
2. Dr. Rao M. Asif
Renewable integration in smart grid
Electrical Power Systems
Aerodynamics and Wind Energy CFD, Experimental Aerodynamics.1. Dr. Khalil
2. M Ilyas
3. Ahmad Hammad
Air vehicle design.
Control systems.
Jet noise and Aeroacoustics.
Wind energy.
Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.Computer vision.1. Nauman Latif
2. Khizer
3. Moezz Asif
4. Shoaib Shahzad
Deep Neural Nets
Unsupervised learning
Convolutional neural nets
Operational Research, Industrial automation and ControlManufacturing Optimization.1. Hamza, Ajmal
2. M.Asghar
3. Khurram, Owais
Industrial automation to enhance production.
Transportation and defense.
RF, Microwave and AntennaRF, Microwave.1. Syed Affan Ahmed
2. Wajeeh Hassan
3. Syed Qasim Ali Shah
Antenna & wave propagation,
Signal Processing,


DepartmentThemesSubthemesGroupsMulti Disciplinary Groups
Clinical aspectsMicrobiology, Molecular Biology
Chemical analysis
Diagnosis, Ultrasound
Computed Tomography
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
X rays, Community
OpticalOcular Pathology
Refractive errors
Visual impairment
Contact Lens
Community Optometry & Ophthalmology
NutritionResearch area; nutrition.
Functional foods
Dairy technology
HospitalOperation Theater
Anesthesia, Community
AgriculturePlant Microbe Interaction
Nano SciencesNanotechnology
Lab-on chip, Micro fluidics
Molecular AnalysisGenomics
Molecular Biology
BiochemistryClinical Biochemistry1. Hina zain

2. Irfan ijaz

3. Ayesha bukhari
Biological SciencesMolecular BiologyMetanalysis of fungal coinfection in COVID-19 patients1. Aqsa Sarwar

2. Rabia Nawaz

3. Nimra Saqib
Microbiology and Molecular GeneticsBioremediation, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Microbial interactions1. Dr. Uqba Mehmood
Bacterial Genomics, Infectious diseases, Drug resistant genes1. Dr Sammyia Abrar
Bioremediation, Multi drug resistance1. Ms. Zohal
BiochemistryRecombinant DNA technology, Bioinformatics, cell culturing and Top-down proteomics by Mass Spectroscopy. 1. Dr. Nazia Kanwal
Protein Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Recombinant DNA Technology1. Dr. Hina Zain
Epidemiology of Viruses, Molecular Pathogenesis of Viral Infections, Virus-Host Interaction, Gene Expression & characterization1. Dr Haroon Riaz
Monogenic Obesity, Drug metabolising Enzymes, Protein Chemistry1. Ms. Sadia Muhammad Din
Genetic disorders, Bioremediation, Plastic degrading enzymes1. Ms. Amal Fayyaz
NanotechnologyNanoscience and technology, Nanosafety, Lab-on-a-Chip1. Dr. Abdul Qadir Gillani
BiotechnologyBiofuels, Fermentation technology1. Dr. Abdul Qadir Gillani
Biosensors, Stem cells technology, Tissue regeneration1. Ms. Haleema Ijaz
Molecular Biology and VirologyComputational Biology, Molecular Virology, Big data Analysis1. Dr. Rabia Nawaz
ChemistryBiopharmaceutical development, Biomedical applications of nanoparticles, Protein engineering1. Dr. Mudassar Iqbal
1. Ms. Hina Noor
Environmental SciencesBioremediation, Phytoremediation, Bio stimulation, Spectrophotometry1. Ms. Afshan Arshad
PhytochemistryPhytochemistry, Green Nanomaterials, Biopesticides and fungicides1. Ms. Rehana Badar
Phytochemical analysis, Tissue culturing1. Ms. Kashaf
BioinformaticsComputational Biology1. Dr. Rabia Nawaz
Bioinformatics, Molecular Neuroscience,1. Ms. Abeeda
Animal SciencesToxicology of drugs, developmental biology, drug resistance analysis1. Mr. Qadir ul Hassan
Allied Health ScienceComputed TomographyEvaluation of hepatic lesions on computed tomography in patient with chronic hepatitis

Evaluation of suspected and known coronary artery diseases on multidetector computed tomography
1. Athar shams

2. Sybil Rose

3. Amna babar

4. Tayyaba aslam

5. Syed noor ul hassan

5. Sana ali

6. Raheel

7. Hafiz Rizwan
8. Iqra saeed
1. Development of Software to Detect allergens in air
(Dr Qadir, Dr Hina, Dr Nazia, Dr Uqba and Dr Adnan)

2. MEDIC BAND( Dr Gulnaz, Dr Zohaib)

3. EMS SUITE (Prof Nabeel ,Prof Babur, Dr Usman Sana)
UltrasoundSonographic evaluation of splenomegaly with acute hepatitis without portal hypertension

Sonographic assessment of maternal hydronephrosis in third trimester of pregnancy
1. Athar Shams

2. Sybil rose

3. Tayyaba aslam

4. Noor ul hassan

5. Zeeshan

6. Sana

7. Raheel

8. Uttroba

9. Fatima

10. Aqsa sania

11. Alina ali

12. Nazia

13. Salman
Nutrition and Food SciencesAnti microbial and bio preservative potential of industrial food waste1. Dr Rashida

2. Maham Saleem

3. Sadia Sabir
Biodegradable food packaging, food safety and public health1. Dr Adnan

2. Ameena Qaiser

3. Tehreem Fatima
Pediatric Optometry and orthopticsFactors influencing blink rate in children and its consequences1. Ubaidullah Jan

2. Fatima Zahid

3. Ahmad Sohail
Improvement of visual acuity in continuous verses divided patching in amblyopia children1. Ummara gul

2. Zehwa mazhar

3. Ahmad sohail

4. Ubaidullah jan
Chemical PathologyFrequency of Hepatitis C virus in patients undergoing hemodialysis

Prevalence of Hepatitis B and C in blood donors at different blood banks in Lahore
1. Fatima Ayub

2. Ijaz Ahmad

3. Talha

4. Adil Asif

5. Maryam
Microbiology and Blood BankingCorrelation of ALP and calcium in patient of osteoarthritis

Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of Klebsiella pneumoniae in UTI patients
1. Sidra Iqbal

2. Madiha naheed

3. Munaza

4. Ijaz

5. Anam

6. Ayaz
Department of PhysiotherapyMusculoskeletal Physical Therapy Effectiveness of spinal manipulative technique for low back pain and disability: A quasi-experimental study

Association between cervical radiculopathy and quality of life in patients with cervical spondylosis

Ergonomic risk factors for workers in clothing manufacturing in raiwind city

Effect of pilates based exercises on symptomatic knee osteoarthritis for improving pain and physical function- A randomized control clinical trial
1. Dr. Wajeeha Mahmood

2. Dr. Hafiz Zohaib

3. Dr. Faryal Safdar

4. Dr Rubab Naqvi
Neurological Physical Therapy Effect of core stabilization exercises in improving trunk mobility, function, ambulation and quality of life in stroke patients: A randomized controlled trial

Relationship of perceived stress & caregiver burden in caregivers of stroke survivors

Risk of falls among stroke patients

Prevalence of carpel tunnel syndrome in rickshaw drivers of Sargodha
1. Dr. Wajeeha Mahmood

2. Dr. Gulnaz Zaheer

3. Dr. Zohaib Shahid

4. Dr. Behram Sabazwari
Cross Cultural studiesTranslation and validation of urdu version of the orbero musculoskeletal pain screening questionnaire (A Cross Cultural Study)

Translation and validation of hearing handicap inventory screening questionnaire for adults( a cross cultural study)

Translation and validation of questionnaire of expectations of patient and physiotherapist
1. Dr. Hafiz Zohaib

2. Dr. Faryal safdar
Social Sciences1. Perception of stress and satisfaction among student traditional to online classroom

Attitudes of physical therapy students towards psychiatry and mental health

Frequency of loneliness, anxiety and depression among the superior university students (comparative cross sectional study)

Individual and organizational barriers faced by physiotherapists in implementing evidence based practice - an analytical study
1. Dr. Gulnaz Zaheer

2. Dr. Faizan ur rehman

3. Dr. Wajeeha Mahmood

4. Dr. Faryal Safdar,
Gynecological Physical therapyAssociation of premenstrual dysphoric disorder and Exercise behavior among university going girls

Association of low back pain with post-natal maternal depression after c-section
1. Dr. Wajeeha Mahmood

2. Dr. Faryal Safdar

DepartmentThemesSubthemesGroupsMulti Disciplinary Groups
Emerging Technologies and Sustainable CommunitiesArtificial intelligence and its integration into society 1. Dr Usman Sana

2. Dr Hira Asghar

3. Dr Zartashia
Data Science and Cyber-Physical Systems
Cloud Computing
Machine Learning
Digital Cultures
Nano science
Optical fiber communication systems
Health, Wellness and the Determinants of Human HealthMental Health1. Dr Anila

2. Dr Usman Sana

3. Dr Hira Asghar

4. Dr Tauqeer

5. Dr Rida Anjum

6. Dr Mariyah Javed

7. Dr Saima Pervaiz
Immunity, Inflammation and Infectious Disease
Stem Cells
Genomic Medicine
Expanding Partnerships, Innovation and EntrepreneurshipCross-sector industry partnerships for knowledge mobilization 1. Dr Usman Sana
Public Policy and GovernancQuality Education 1. Dr. Maryah Javed
Gender Equality
Clean Water and Sanitation
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Reduced Inequalities

DepartmentThemesSubthemesGroupsMulti Disciplinary Groups
Drug delivery science and TechnologyDevelopment, in vitro Characterization, in vivo evaluation of various formulations and drug delivery platforms
Ethnopharmacology, obesity and Metabolic DiseasesPharmacology
Metabolic Diseases
Drug discovery and Medicinal ChemistryExtraction of drug molecule, structural activity relationship
Medicines safety and PharmacovigilancePharmacoeconomics
Public health promotions
Adverse event reporting

DepartmentThemesSubthemesGroupsMulti Disciplinary Groups
Islamic Banking and FinanceLiquidity Risk Management1. Dr. Salman Masood Sheikh

2. Dr. Hisham Ul Hassan
Credit Analysis
Venture Capital
Capital structure
Stock Volatility
Environmental EconomicsCO2 Emission1. Dr. Saif Ur Rahman

2. Mr. Asif Khan
NO2 Emission
Ecological Footprint
Green House Gases Emission
Islamic FinanceLiquidity Risk1. Mr Zubair Khan

2. Mr. Junaid Subhani
Credit Analysis
Venture Capital
Capital Structure
Stock Validity
Behavioral FinanceFinance1. Mr Ahmad Ilyas

2. Ms. Abira
3. Mr. Moazzam Ali
Behavioral Finance
Corporate Finance
Learning EfficeincyAccelerated Learning1. Dr. Muhammad Sarwar

2. Dr. Shahid Mehmood
Deep Learning
Outcome based teaching and learning
English TeachingEnglish Language Teaching1. Dr. Shahid Mehmood

2. Mr. Wasif Ali

3. Ms. Javeria
English for specific purposes
English for Academic Purposes
Industrial Developmental EconomicsWater Sanitation1. Dr. Sana Fayyaz
Industrial Wastes
SO2 Emission
Suspended particulate matter (SPN), SMEs
Organizational BehaviorsEmotions1. Mr. Anees Afzal

2. Mr. Ali Waqas

3. Mr. Shahbaz

4. Ms. Tayyaba Mehmood
Employees Work outcomes
Employees’ behaviors
Sustainable performance

DepartmentThemesSubthemesGroupsMulti Disciplinary Groups
Sustainable DesignSustainable Design
Participatory Design, Model Villages
Low-Cost Domes
Design TheoryEvolution of Chintz1. Dr. Ashraf

2. Dr. Mahira

3. Dr. Mubashra
Nano Landscapes
Vanishing as Medium
Heritage ConservationForts of Pakistan1. Ar. Amna

2. Ar. Umer

3. Ar. Resham
Domes and Minarets
Chitral Traditional Crafts
Best PracticesDesign Thinking Implementation1. Ar. Mansoor

2. Ar. Rabia

3. Ar. Zohaib
Design Concept
Process Pedagogy
Sustainable DevelopmentLongitudinal Studies for Land-Use and Spatial Design1. Ar. Naushaba

2. Ar. Rehan

3. Ar. Husnain
Materials Studies

DepartmentThemesSubthemesGroupsMulti Disciplinary Groups
Intelligent Data Visual ComputingMachine Learning1. Dr. Arfan Jaffar

2. Dr. Tehreem

3. Dr. Sohail
Data Science
Image/Video Processing
Semantic Web
Information Security LabCyber Security1. Dr. Asad

2. Dr. Azam
Information Security
People Centered Technology GroupHuman Computer Interaction1. Dr. Waseem Iqbal
Software Engineering
Secure Communication & Systems LabIoT1. Dr. Irfan Uddin

2. Dr. Imran
Cloud Computing
Wireless Communication

DepartmentThemesSubthemesGroupsMulti Disciplinary Groups
Media and Public Policy1. News Content

2. Advertising and Public Relation

3. Media and national security

4. Media History

5. A Communication Strategy
TV Journalism
Digital Media
Foreign issues
Social Media
Public Opinion
News Content, Advertising and Public Relation
Media and national security
Print Media
Media History, Communication Strategy

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