Research Projects

At Superior University, research projects are pivotal components of academic exploration, innovation, and advancement. These projects span across diverse disciplines, encompassing fields such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics, social sciences, humanities, and beyond. The university's commitment to fostering a culture of research excellence manifests through various initiatives, including faculty-led projects, student-led endeavors, collaborative efforts with industry partners, and interdisciplinary collaborations.

We have varied sorts of research projects running in the University including publicly funded projects, third-party contract research projects, and consultancy projects. Our work makes a difference in the lives of people by addressing real-world issues through a vast network of partnerships and collaborations. Our research's breadth and interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary nature inspire creative and innovative ideas and solutions.

Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research projects provide students and faculty with an opportunity to explore a wide range of topics, develop analytical and critical thinking skills, and acquire new knowledge.

Dr. Shafique Ahmed

Manager Innovation and Commercialization, ORIC

Shamaila Parveen

Assistant Manager Innovation & Commercialization, ORIC