Superior Impact Fund (SIF) is an internal research grant of Superior University for funding research projects on competitive merit for high-quality and promising scientific research that demonstrate strategic relevance and cast impact to the local industry and society. The program is open for contributions related to applied research.

SIF aims to stimulate scientific excellence and the advancement of knowledge by allowing researchers the freedom to formulate by themselves the research concept and method. The SIF grant will be made to the projects and administered through the ORIC at Superior University. Faculty members are encouraged to submit proposals that are collaborative in scope, with teams including junior and senior academic staff, both male and female researchers, and appropriate sectoral/ industrial collaborators. PIs are also encouraged to include students from Superior Universities & collaborative universities as part of the project team who have worked on the academic research underpinning the SIF proposal. SIF awards will be selected competitively using a merit-based, independent, and transparent evaluation and selection process based on international standards. The process is described in the Sections below, as well as in the full Evaluation and Selection protocol is available.

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Focused Research Impact Areas

1-Life Sciences & Agriculture
3-Information Technology

Principle Guidelines

1-The fund is open to the Superior University faculty members and academic/research staff of the partner universities as per signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

2-This funding will prioritize projects which have demonstrated pilot results and strong applied prospects for possible commercialization.

3-This funding may also consider projects that did not get funding from HEC or PHEC yet the projects have an impact potential.

4-Calls are open to all disciplines including interdisciplinary projects.

5-There will be two calls for the Superior Impact Fund per year. If there is a demonstrable urgent need, Impact fund applications can be submitted at any time.

Principle Applicant Eligibility

1-A ‘permanent’ PhD or FCPS/MCPS/FRCS faculty member at a campus of The Superior University or partner university as per signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

2-In case the PI is applying from a partner university, one Co-PI from Superior University must be included.

3-Must be part of a department that is offering a graduate program at the applicants’ campus

4-Must be active in service at the time of application and for the duration of the project

5-Must have published a journal paper (at least online with a DOI number) with an impact factor journal appearing in Journal Citation Reports by Web of Science Group (JCR) within two years prior to the date of application

6-The applicant must have successfully executed at least one funded project of applied nature.

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